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Armin Amirian (1995) is an Iranian photographer and visual artist based in Isfahan.  

For him, Iran is a rich depository of contributions in the field of art, architecture, music, literature, and cinema.

The city of Isfahan, in particular, of opulent architectural structures and is the birthing ground of many prominent Iranian artists and prominent figures. It is also the home of the 25-year-old photographer, and artist who, inspired by the work of many before him and the plight of his country, has chosen to create dynamic interpretations of the collective experiences of boasts his people. 

Armin started working professionally in the field of photography and cinema at the beginning of his teenage years.

He has contributed to more than 100 festivals and exhibitions through the years and has received multiple international awards such as Young Author Award of 29th Caminos de Hierro (Spain 2018), The Jury Prize of Fomenar (2017), Golden medal of Asahi Shimbun Photo Awards (Japan 2015), Teenager of The Year of Warsaw’s Graphic Biennale (Poland 2012), MIFA Photo Awards Winner (Russia 2014), two-time winner of “Iran’s Image of The Year Fest” (2015,2017), and else.
He has been honored with titles from art centers such as Ooshot (France 2018), Farhang Found (USA 2017), Fletcher Art Fest (USA 2016,2014), SIENA Awards (Italy 2015), Golden Bee Biennale (Russia 2014), Al-Thani Photo Fest (UAE 2012).
His works have been sold at auctions like the Sotheby’s and are available in collections & art foundations such as Ooshot Awards (France), Spanish Railways Found, Fletcher H. Dyer Found (USA).

You can found more works by Armin Amirian here

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