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Anamaria Fernandez is a Mexican designer based in Zurich. She attended her Bachelor in Visual Communication at the Zurich University of the Arts. She is currently working as a freelancer.

Anamaria is fascinated by books, typography, art and culture. She has a thirst for knowledge, as she said: "I like to observe, reflect, analyze and document. I really enjoy immersing myself in a subject and learning new things along the way. My working process is really crucial for me. I start with the exploration of a problem, followed by the experimental phase where I like to create metaphors and systems. I have a passion for detail, shapes and typographic solutions".

Chambre Fluide: Hello Anamaria! Let’s start by telling us how your passion for books and typography began?

Anamaria Fernandez: Hi there! I would say it started early on when I was a kid. I was really interested in books and illustrations. Later on I discovered libraries and publications like the Typografische Monatsblätter and developed a big interest for typesetting, book design and typography. During my studies at the Zurich University of the Arts I also got influenced by my personal surroundings, friends and teachers.

CF: You assert that your working process is crucial. Mentioning some of your words we can say that you begin with the <<exploration of a problem>>, then you experiment creating <<metaphors and systems>>. Could you tell us more about this creation process?

AF: I think every project is different. There is not only one right approach but usually I like to work content driven. At the beginning of a project I enjoy researching around the topic. This is followed by the exploration of a problem that needs to be solved. It’s a matter of how can I translate my ideas into visuals. After that I like to experiment as much as I can to reach the core of the project. This is my favorite part of the process! After the initial chaos I like to define a system and rules that lead me to a solution.

CF: We would love to hear more about your project “Metamorphose der Formen” and the project you designed for Shared Campus, Critical Ecologies, issue 1.

AF: Metamorphose der Formen is a school project in collaboration with Janiva Wittmer. The Publication is the result of an experimental research on form, which is based on pattern books of traditional St.Gallen embroidery.  The complex patterns were examined for structure, form and their rhythm, to be later on abstracted to their basic form. These new forms formed the basis of a multitude of new adaptations, resulting in a new more contemporary form of ornamentation, that is completely different in its effect compared to its origin. We had a lot of fun flicking through the pages of the old pattern books. This is how I discovered my love for archives.
Shared Campus is a collaborative platform for international educational formats and research networks launched by seven art colleges. I had the pleasure to design the first analog and digital publication - Critical Ecologies - issue 1. The goal was to create a layout that works digitally and analog.

The concept is based on a simple grid that allows to create different layouts for the different categories. I also created seven different symbols that are used for the navigation. This project is still on going and will be published by the end of January.

CF: You are from Mexico and currently working in Switzerland. How does your identity, background influence your artistic work?

AF: Well I’ve been living in Switzerland ever since i came in touch with design. That’s why i consider myself mostly influenced by Swiss Design. I think my background influences more the way i approach design than it affects my artistic work itself. It’s a very spontaneous and sometimes chaotic process that leads to a rather clear set of rules and order. This often includes grids to keep everything together.

At the end it’s a great mix of both worlds - spicy sauce and Swiss cheese ;)

“Metamorphose der Formen”, 2020

Critical Ecologies, issue 1, 2020 - ongoing

All images  © Anamaria Fernandez

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