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LI MO is a Los Angeles-based fashion and knitwear designer that grew up in Shenzhen province in China. When she was just 16 years old, she started her life journey in the United States. Her artwork is largely inspired by the collision of eastern and western culture, and she aims to bring the diversity of ethnicities, architecture, cultures and high artistic tastes into her artwork.

Chambre Fluide - Hello LI, how did your passion for the world of fashion start and grow?

I am a daydreamer and love to adventure. Fashion design is a way for me to explore my inner world and express to the society. Through professional study of fashion design, each time of building up a new project encourage myself being confident and spiritually elevated. One of my favorite artist Leonardo da vinci inspired me to be bold and creative, I believe people has unlimited potential. 

Let’s talk about your creating process, where do you take inspiration from? 

I got inspiration from everywhere, not only website research but also the people I met in life and self-experiences. I love talking to people from all different cultures, which are the direct way to absorb knowledges and meet with interesting soul. Visiting museum and read books are the two things I have been doing to expand my perspective. 



Among all the work you have done, which is the project you care most about?

"Explore" is one of my works that showcases my practice and myself to the world, including the personal interview of Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam and featuring with L’officiel Balitics. I truly treat each of my works as a treasure. No matter how much achievements I have got so far, without accumulating the creating process it would not shape how I am nowadays. 



You are from Shenzhen, China, and you moved to the United States when you were sixteen years old, just a girl. How did you experience this huge change? How has your own culture and the new one influenced your work?

I embrace and welcome all the changes in my life. Without living with my parents start at the age of 16, I become more independent in life and mental. I barely base my concept and style on traditional Chinese aesthetic, however the culture is rooted in my being and thus my design style is spontaneously impacted.


Blue Mood2021


Fashion Designer: Li Mo @lixxmo

Photographer: Bing Luo @skybing_la

Model: Arpine Davoian @arpidavoian

MUA: Vivienne Rao @vivienneraomua

Hair Stylist: Yuma Bastet @yumabastet

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