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Soheil Naderi is an Iranian high fashion textile designer based in Milan, Italy.  He moved from Iran to Italy in 2011 and with a strong background in textile, fashion and design he started working at Ratti Como, one of the most prestigious company in the textile world. The core of his work always come from a mixture of memories of his Persian culture and the adopted culture, the western one, as well as from the observation and transposition of nature, which for Naderi is a daily practice through drawing.

Chambre Fluide: Hi Soheil! Let’s start by talking about yourself: How did your interest in Art begin? Has Art always been a central aspect of your life?


Soheil Naderi: Well, first of all thanks to all of you for this great opportunity to talk about my work! I have always had a passion for art since I was a child, I always remember when my mother drew while she told me fairy tales, and maybe it all started from there.  I started drawing from early childhood, especially live; I've always liked trying to bring back what I saw around me.

CF: It would be intriguing to delve into your creative process. How do you develop your ideas to reach the final result?


SN: My ideas for my projects always come from a mixture of memories of my Persian culture and my adopted culture, the Italian one, as well as from the observation and transposition of nature, which for me is a daily practice through drawing.

CF: Let's deep together your artistic works! Among all of them, which is the project you care most about?

SN: The project that is fundamental for me is definitely the "White" project.  It all began with the production of hand-made paper, especially in the research and construction of complex looms that combined the use of cotton thread and paper.  What has emerged from years of production and research is a mixture of my origins, my memories, the rhythm of the warp and weft and the handcrafted production of traditional Italian paper.  I am very attached to this project as it was the beginning of a dialogue between my two cultures.


CF: Soheil, you are from Iran. When and why did you decide to move to Italy? What role do your background and culture play in your artistic creation process?

SN:  I remember as if it were yesterday the moment when as a child, already an art lover, I saw a documentary on Venice and it can be said that from that moment Italy has always been in my thoughts and dreams of adult life, so barely I had the chance I moved to Milan.The first years I tried to study and learn my new Italian and European culture in all aspects, from everyday life to art.  At a certain point the rhythms of weaving so linked to Persian history in the creation of fabulous carpets and above all to my personal story merged into my thoughts and works.

1 - Sogni solidi, watercolor on graven paper, 2019 
2 - 
3 -
4 -
6 - Finestre, 2020
7 - Libro bianco, 2020 
8 - Angoli, 2020 
9 - 
10 - Miniature, watercolor on graven paper, 2016

All images © Soheil Naderi

more about the artist here: 


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