Talents 2020


In a world that just a fragile flower is able to crack and explode a stone and burst out to the care of the sun, breeze, and rain, it is a sacred temple. 

We are not weaker than that little flower. We are great and sacred; because we are an undeniable truth.... 

Ahmad Shamloo


Es América Latina, la región de las venas abiertas.

Desde el descubrimiento hasta nuestros días, todo se ha trasmutado siempre en capital europeo o, más tarde, norteamericano, y como tal se ha acumulado y se acumula en los lejanos centros de poder. 

Eduardo Galeano


The subject and the object give a bad approximation of the thought.

Thinking is neither a tight thread between subject and object nor a revolution of one author of the other. Rather, thinking is done in the relationship between territory and land.

Gilles Deleuze, Félix Guattari


I am using symbols and shapes, line and shadow, to present psychological metaphors in the landscape.

Closed and open doors, shadows, and swimming pools draw me to a scene as they invite conjecture.

My images emphasize what is happening within the frame and invite the viewer to contemplate what is happening outside the edges but can't be seen.

We found ourselves in the framework of imposed disciplines. Overcome the imposed, erase the boundaries of artificial structures, create a single field, and realize yourself, your individuality, and freedom.

Projects that we create are the attempt to unite the exhibition, performance, and musical concert inseparably from each other. Interdisciplinarity is the main goal. 


To develop a complete mind

Study the science of art

Study the art of science

Learn how to see

Realize that everything connects to everything else

Everything is connected, everything is divine.

Leonardo Da Vinci


The hybrid space brings us back to meeting points that were once central and vibrant and offer an abstract interpretation of the change those points have undergone following the technological age.


​Là où la psychanalyse dit: "Arrêtez, trouvez votre ego", nous devrions dire: "Allons encore plus loin, nous n'avons pas encore trouvé notre corps sans organes (CsO), nous n'avons pas encore assez défait notre ego.

Gilles Deleuze


One microscopic point shines,

then another, then another: it is the imperceptible,  it is the enormous.

This small light is a focus, a star, a sun, a universe;  but this universe is nothing.

Each number is a zero in front of infinity.

The inaccessible united with the impenetrable, the impenetrable united with the inexpressible, the inexpressible united with the immeasurable:

it's the sky.


Victor Hugo


The space in which we are living, by which we are drawn outside ourselves, in which as a matter of fact, the erosion of our life, our time, and our history take place, this space that eats and scrapes away at us, is also heterogeneous space in itself. […] we live inside an ensemble of relations that define emplacements that are reducible to each other and absolutely nonsuperposable.

Michel Foucault


The painter's first intention is to make a flat surface appear as a body that is raised and detached from that plane; and what exceeds the others in such art, that deserves more praise.

Leonardo Da Vinci


I use deconstruction to construct my paintings. As a subconscious media choice on self-reflection, I like to work surfaces with adaptive nature such as fabric and paper.


Love and the gentle heart are one thing,

as the wise man puts it in his verse,

and each without the other would be dust,

as a rational soul would be without its reason.

Nature, when she is loving, takes

Amor for Lord, and the heart for his home,

in which sleeping he reposes

sometimes a short, sometimes a longer day.

Beauty may appear, in a wise lady,

so pleasant to the eyes, that in the heart,

is born a desire for pleasant things:

which stays so long a time in that place,

that it makes the spirit of Love wake.

And likewise in a lady works a worthy man.

                   Dante Alighieri, New Life, Ch. XX.


I write only for my shadow which is cast on the wall in front of the light. I must introduce myself to it.

Sadegh Hedayat


Opposing the usual flair as seen in contemporary advertising, rather than promoting a symbol of strength and ambition, my concern is for humanity's welfare. 

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