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Design Earth: After Oil, 2016

Design Earth is a collaborative practice led by El Hadi Jazairy and Rania Ghosn.

Their research takes the geographic to open up a range of aesthetic and political concerns in the architecture and urbanism field.

The project "After Oil" proposes three speculative tales that explore the geography of the Gulf and its islands in the decades after oil.

These stories are also a reflection on the present condition: they stage and extrapolate critical issues of today’s landscape to make the public aware of the energy systems on which modern life is dependent and the long-term consequences of current fossil fuel regime.

"After Oil" is part of the Kuwait Pavilion. Between East and West: a Gulf, 2016 at the Venice Biennale.

Design Earth’s drawing style is inspired by 18th-century geographic illustrations. That period’s illustrations, says Jazairy in an interview at Metropolis , are not about color, perspective, or hyperrealism: they are about straightforward “didactic visual information.”

Project Team:

El Hadi Jazairy + Rania Ghosn

Jia Weng, Rawan Al-Saffar, Kartiki Sharma, Hsin-Han Lee, Namjoo Kim, Sihao Xiong

Rania Ghosn, El Hadi Jazairy. After Oil (Das Island, Das Crude). 2016

We do not own the rights to any of the pictures. All the rights go to the authors of the pictures.

The original pictures are taken from Design Earth website here.


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