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CHAMBRE FASHION: Arturo Obegero’s Neverending Ballet

I wanted to make some changes to the way I offer my contribution to Chambre Fluide. So I thought of something I feel it’s more congenial to me and the way I approach fashion. It’s no secret I have Anna Piaggi’s editorial work as main inspiration, so I wanted to humbly try to emulate her incredible Doppie Pagine, using the Instagram 3 posts profile feed structure as it was a magazine centerfold. Here is uploaded in its entirety.

This is the first experiment and it’s dedicated to Paris-based Asturian fashion designer Arturo Obegero.

Since his first propositions, he demonstrated a laser-focused vision made of sensuous and dramatic silhouettes, enhanced by the stark black, used as the chosen foundation color. The touches of bright white, elegant blues and plush reds, form a very streamlined and impactful palette.

The concise number of pieces that composes each of the four collections he’s since produced, is again a testament to his crystal clear vision and at the same time it enables to connect immediately with his world on an intimate level. Looking at Obegero’s collections feels like attending the most captivating ballet ever at the opera, and eventually, act after act, you get lost in it but it feels strangely pleasing, like a dream you almost want to be stuck in. 🥀

We do not own the rights to any of the pictures in the article. All the rights go to the authors of the pictures.

For Obegero's images full credits visit

The other images:

-Balenciaga by Irving Penn (Edition Du Regard 1988)

-Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, 1992

-Nijinsky with a costume by Léon Bakst in Vadouyer's "Le Spectre de la Rose", 1912

-Black Swan, Darren Aronofsky, 2010

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