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CHAMBRE FASHION: Christopher John Rogers SS21 Campaign

Just after very few seasons from his debut on the New York fashion scene, Christopher John Rogers is establishing himself and his brand as one of the most interesting realities in fashion right now. He decided not to show his new Spring Summer 21 collection on the NY fashion week schedule, opting instead for a digital drop of the lookbook on his ig account. The collection is called “SMILE” and it wouldn’t be more appropriate for trying times like these. Nat King Cole’s song (based on the Charlie Chaplin’s piece of music for “Modern Times”) comes to mind.

The clothes will surely bring a big joyful smile to your face, with their elegant vibrance, abundance of colors and dramatic silhouettes brought to life by a diverse cast of gorgeous models and friends of the brand.

But we thought the images shared here were even more interesting because they show how creativity can help us get through the hardships of running a business (and more so a creative one) through a pandemic and still coming up with something brilliant, light-hearted and honest. In the pictures there are all the people that make up the CJR team (all masked-up) alongside some models wearing some of the collection pieces. It’s a beautiful portrait of togetherness, sense of community and identity that is very needed especially now, not just for the fashion world or for the US, but for the whole world, and the fact that a young and fresh voice like Christopher John Rogers is forging its own path and creating its own legacy, can only be a positive sign for every other young creative trying to find their way.

Christopher John Rogers, Spring Summer 2021 Campaign.

Art Direction: @christinachanel

Set Design: @feistyt

We do not own the rights to any of the pictures in the article. All the rights go to the authors of the pictures. All the pictures taken from

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