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This time, instead of focusing specifically on some fashion images, I wanted to shine a light on the work of a fellow designer I really admire.

Robert Wun is from Hong Kong but he established his own brand in London after graduating from CSM in 2012. Despite being only 29 now, his work has been consistent since the very beginning. A vision of the future of dressing brought in the present times. His shape-shifting designs balance the natural and the artificial, fragility and power. Sensuous flowers like orchids are translated into clothing through skillful patternmaking that results in silhouettes that exude an incredibly strong femininity and futuristic elegance.

Interviewed by LOVE Magazine, Wun cites the female figures in his family - his grandmother and mother - as crucial for shaping his vision of femininity, as well as the female characters in Hayao Miyazaki’s movies (a personal favourite too!), always caring and yet powerful, at the heart of every story. This perfect balance of extremes is clearly visible in Wun’s creations.

The following artworks are made by me as a personal interpretation of the three looks I've selected.

We do not own the rights to any of the pictures. All the rights go to the authors of the pictures.

The original pictures are taken from Robert Wun AW20 collection lookbook. See it in full on Wun's website here.

To read Wun's interview with LOVE Magazine, click here.

Full credits for the pictures

Photography @nhuxuanhua

Model Amer Wal Athiu @milkmodelmanagement

MUA @porschepoon

Assistants @annasophiajohn@paula.galama@fernando_donner@steffinney@phil.egan

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