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CHAMBRE ART: Tatiana Trouvé

Today I would like to show you just a little part of the great and interesting work of Tatiana Trouvé, a contemporary visual artist based in Paris.

Drawings, sculptures, installations where we find a relationship between memory and materials, common objects, fragments of natural and constructed ecosystems.

Realising Les dessouvenus, Tatiana submerges sheet of coloured paper into bleach and She leaves in action the unpredictable. Later she uses the pencil to highlight the figures.

Images, capture of energy, traces, concentration, reflection, all of what we can find in her installations, representative of psychic spaces.

Spaces of waiting and reminiscences, where slow and quiet transformations are having place.

The objects are not simply abstract but virtual, charged with potential that’s still in a sleep mode.

The appearances show just silence, but everything is living roughed by microscopic vibrations.

The drawings show large spaces, depth of field, modern interiors, impersonal places inhabited by light structures related by different dimension scales. Outdoor areas are shown next to the isolated furniture. The space is the projection of memories, representation of an autonomous and substantive universe. The drawing is the condensation of the artistic process, it enacts projections of thoughts.

Tatiana Trouvé, Untitled, 2019, from the series “Les dessouvenus”

Exhibition: On the Eve of Never Leaving (November 1, 2019–January 11, 2020), at @gagosian gallery, Los Angeles, USA.

Photo by Florian Kleiefenn.

Tatiana Trouvé, Intermondes : 4-2-2005 / Interworlds: 4-2-2005, Plexiglas, metal, brass, 2009, dimensions variable. Installation at König Gallery .

Tatiana Trouvé, Untitled from the series Les dessouvenus, pencil on paper on canvas, bleach, 2015, 153 x 240 x 3.5 cm. At König Gallery .

Tatiana Trouvé, Untitled, 2019, from the series "Intranquillity", 2008.

Tatiana Trouvé, Les indefinis, 2018

Exhibition: One day for eternity (9 Giugno - 8 Luglio 2018) at @koeniggalerie, Berlin, Germany.

We do not own the rights of any of the pictures. All the rights go to the authors of the pictures.

All the credits for the pictures:

Gagosian Gallery / Florian Kleiefenn

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