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Shayan Nazarian (1996, Zanjan) is an Iranian artist based in Zanjan city, Iran.

Amore e ’l cor gentil sono una cosa,
sì come il saggio in suo dittare pone,
e così esser l’un sanza l’altro osa
com’alma razional sanza ragione.

Falli natura quand’è amorosa,
Amor per sire e ’l cor per sua magione,
dentro la qual dormendo si riposa
tal volta poca e tal lunga stagione.

Bieltate appare in saggia donna pui,
che piace a gli occhi sì, che dentro al core
nasce un disio de la cosa piacente;

e tanto dura talora in costui,
che fa svegliar lo spirito d’Amore.
E simil face in donna omo valente.

                             Dante Alighieri, Vita Nuova, Cap. XX

Love and the gentle heart are one thing,

as the wise man puts it in his verse,

and each without the other would be dust,

as a rational soul would be without its reason.

Nature, when she is loving, takes

Amor for Lord, and the heart for his home,

in which sleeping he reposes

sometimes a short, sometimes a longer day.

Beauty may appear, in a wise lady,

so pleasant to the eyes, that in the heart,

is born a desire for pleasant things:

which stays so long a time in that place,

that it makes the spirit of Love wake.

And likewise in a lady works a worthy man.

                                      Dante Alighieri, New Life, Ch. XX

Shayan has been interested in the art world since he was a teenager, he began his career in 2017 and now has more than 300 pieces of artwork, hard work has always been a core value in his art career.
Research in concepts such as psychoanalysis and mythology has always been of interest to him.

With a relationship of love and hate with his native land, Shayan Nazaryan graduated in Architecture at the University of Zanjan, looking at architecture as a meeting point between engineering and art: "In architecture, you have to follow some static rules but I have felt a need for a concept that has more freedom to create whatever you want. I could say I see painting as complete freedom and that is the reason why I chose it."


Shayan conceives the artistic medium as a form of total freedom. Painting is a means of freedom of thought in a fragile society where freedom of thought and expression is increasingly weak.

The heart of his work lies in the concept of Love.  Since he was a teenager, the concept of love has affected his thoughts greatly and it has always played a huge role in the way he feels and it has been absolutely the most inspiring power in his art experience.

I’m always trying to redefine and transform the meaning of love for myself.
For me, love is a string of passionate imaginations manifested from the reflection of the person you love, which empowers your creativity greatly. 

Shayan Nazarian participated in collective exhibitions in many galleries and artist-run spaces across Iran and the Middle East. 

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