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CHAMBRE GRAPHIC: Nick Liefhebber

"Liquid dreams", Image by Nick Liefhebber for De Dakhaas Magazine • Issue n. 9, 2016-2017

This artwork has been realized by Nick Liefhebber, Dutch designer and artist, for De Dakhaas, a magazine from and about Utrecht. The main theme of this issue was "The Night": shapes, symbols, feelings re-emerging and mixing one another in the iridescent and very personal (but universal) subconscious world. "Do you know the dark space between dreaming and being awake? Not having control over your limbs and feeling disconnected?" (Nick Liefhebber). The japanese graphic design master Kiyoshi Awazu is one of Nick Liefhebber’s visual references, as he said in his interview for Visual Melt. Awazu's work went against Modernism principles of post-WWII: he favoured a very expressive and eclectic aesthetics which could "extend the rural into the city, foreground the folklore, reawaken the past, summon back the outdated", to say it in his own words. When I bumped into Nick Liefhebber’s work I thought this "dark space between dreaming and being awake" - that is anything but dark in his case - is a little bit part of all is his arts. Colours, shapes and patterns are placed side by side, showing themselves, and at the same time hiding and mingling: this made me think about the dreaming, when everything is both emotionally vivid and curiously blurry.

Liquid Dreams - Image by Nick Liefhebber

Liquid Dreams - Image by Nick Liefhebber

Image by Kiyoshi Awazu - From the “King of Circles” book, 1971

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Nick Liefhebber: @nick_liefhebber

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